Glenn Anderson

Deaf Arkansas Editor

Glenn has served as editor of the Deaf Arkansan since 1989. He has previously served on the AAD board as 1st Vice-President. An alumnus of Gallaudet University, he also earned his Master’s degree from the University of Arizona and Doctoral degree from New York University. He is an Associate Professor in the Interpreter Education Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR).

He previously served as chair of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees, second vice-chair of the National Council on Disability (NCD), and member of the Board of Directors of the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA). In 2013, he was selected as one of 15 visionary leaders by Gallaudet University’s Sesquicentennial Steering Committee, and during Gallaudet’s 150th anniversary celebration in July 2014 he was one of 14 individuals inducted into the University’s Hall of Fame.